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Highlight Without the High Price

Blonde On A Budget here to give you some insight into the world of bottle-blondes.

Most blondes I know spend anywhere from $100-$250 to get highlights every 1-3 months at a salon. While highlights are a gorgeous look, there is a more budget-friendly way to achieve glowing blonde locks! Read on to unlock the secret…

Thin Hair – 1 Box, Thick Hair – 2 Boxes

Highlighting your hair is a great option for you if you have thinner hair and time to do it (it may take a couple applications to achieve a more saturated or lighter blonde look). For thicker hair you may need two boxes or to poke more holes in the highlight cap. I recommend Revlon Frost & Glow Highlighting Kit because of the natural-looking blonde shade it gives.

Highlight on Unwashed Hair

When using this product make sure your hair is unwashed so the natural oils in your hair can protect it from the dye, a tip everyone will tell you.

Straighten Your Hair

What everyone won’t tell you it to ensure your hair is silky and straight otherwise it will be near impossible to pull through the dye cap holes. If you decide to go rogue like myself and force them through you will be rewarded with broken hair strands (mine is still growing back) or uneven highlights. So straighten that hair girl!

Poke Holes In Cap Before Putting It On

I highly recommend poking holes in the cap before putting it on your head otherwise you will be poking at your scalp which is a rather unpleasant experience, not talking from experience or anything (I really should not have gone rogue on this).

Get Help From A Friend

Having a competent friend give you a hand is always great and may help achieve better highlights because they can see the back of your head. Otherwise, sitting in front of a mirror with another mirror behind you will allow you to see the back of your head.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to achieve a great colour! Comment your best highlighting at home tips!

Happy blonding 🙂

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