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Plane Packing Tips – Pack Like A Peasant, Travel Like a Queen

Hello all,

If you are ever travelling on a plane (or even a train) I’m you are aware of the daunting idea of luggage weight limits (dun dun dunnn). This can be an awfully difficult rule to abide by as, if you are like me, you want to bring all the luxuries from home but flat out refuse to pay the overweight fee. If this is your dilemma, I have some tips for you!

Put Shoes In Carry On

You may not realize, but shoes are often the heaviest item in your luggage. To avoid surpassing the weight limit, throw them in your carry on which often does never ends up getting weighed.

Put Only Clothes and Liquids in Checked Luggage

Try at all costs to only pack clothes, sharp objects and liquids in your checked luggage. Anything that you can’t possibly get through security. Everything that is a “thing”, attempt to pack in your hand luggage. Shoes, straighteners, laptops (definitely, lest you want them to get crushed/get your screen broken – yes it has happened), blow dryers, curlers, etc.

The Best Carry On Bags 

I find that the best carry on bags are TNA Delta bags because they are so big and can easily to stretched to fit an excessive amount of stuff. However, any overnight-type bag that is unstructured (not boxy and rigid in shape) that you can easily stretch to fit more things also are ideal.

Let me know your best packing tips!

Happy travels 🙂

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