Fitness For Free

In this day and age, there are so many ways to get fit, but a lot of them come with a hefty price tag. Fancy gym memberships, expensive “healthy” food, personalized fitness plans, if you did them all you would be broke! But the fact of the matter is, exercise is free and eating healthy can be inexpensive as well! Here are some ways to get your body moving while keeping your wallet full.

1. Jogging Outside

An old classic but getting your heart rate up is an amazing way to shed some unwanted pounds. I find the best way to keep it interesting is to make sure your iPod is packed with great upbeat tunes that you can’t help but want to move to. Shoot for 30 minutes of running or jogging/walking until you can get there.

2. Youtube Workouts

Now that social media is so prevalent, so are many free exercise videos that you can follow! One of my favourites is Blogilates, a pilates-style workout. This channel has numerous workouts targeting all muscles groups. It is a fast workout and super effective if you’re wanting to tone for cheaps!

3. Free Weights

Another great way to get a toned physique is through weight training. Many women are skeptical of using weights because they are afraid to look bulky. However, weight training can help you get that toned look much quicker than cardio alone because muscle burns more calories than fat. Can’t be “toned” without building some sleek muscles after all! Many of us have free weights just lying around our house, so look up a great video on youtube such as the FitnessBlender channel and put them to use!

4. Active Lifestyle

In this wonderful 21st century world we live in, a lot of physical activities people might have done 50 years ago have been made a lot easier or deleted entirely. So why not try to be more active than the average bear? Try walking home from work or school instead of taking the bus, go for a bike ride or rollerblading with friends instead of going out to eat, try going for a walk with some music instead of watching Netflix to unwind.

There are so many little choices we are making that equal calories we are not spending. Instead, choose to get active!

Happy exercising 🙂

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