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Stay Healthy, Save Money – Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter

Hey all,

There is nothing more annoying than having to go about your busy lifestyle, juggle holiday obligations, christmas shopping, and be sick on top of it all. Avoid feeling terrible and having to invest in pricey cold medications with these affordable tips for staying healthy this holiday season.

1. Stay Warm 

I’m sure we have all heard our mothers tell us to keep warm so we won’t “catch a cold”. And I’m sure many of us proceeded to scoff that you don’t just “catch” a cold because you are cold (silly mom). And you would be right. It’s not that being cold causes catching a cold, but rather when you are cold your body has to work harder to keep you warm. This leads to your body not attending to other defences which can leave your body more susceptible to cold viruses. So layer up, throw on a faux fur scarf, a fuzzy hat (you lose 10% of your heat through your head) and keep warm like your momma told ya!

2. Get a free flu shot

Many people openly proclaim they will not be getting a flu shot because they “get sick anyway”. But just because you get a common cold does not mean that you are not avoiding many other serious flu virus strains by getting a flu shot. Many people die every year from the flu, and its not like we would scoff at getting any other vaccine. The government pays for free flu shots for a reason because they are effective and one of the best ways to stop the spread of the flu. Visit your local Shopper’s or any pharmacy to get your flu shot.

3. De-Stress

Stress reportedly causes 99% of illness. So try to do a fun activity at least once a week where you can forget your worries – do a de-stressing yoga youtube video, go for a walk with your ipod, go see a movie, have a dinner date with a old friend, go window shopping at the mall and go see santa with friends for jokes (nothing says carefree like being a kid).

4. Zinc 

Zinc helps improve the immune system which can help fight off pesky cold viruses. It is also much less expensive than Cold FX. To boot, it does wonders for acne-prone skin and helps improve the look of skin overall.

5. Drink lots of water 

Drink at least 8 cups of water a day! A hydrated body works more efficiently to ward off illness. I always keep a water bottle with a spout by my bed so I can even drink while lying down. Having a water bottle always in sight makes it second nature to keep hydrated. Drinking enough water also does wonders for your hair and skin. Tea is another great way to spice up plain old water and has little to no calories, my favourite is Toasted Walnut!

6. Hand Sanitizer 

During flu season keeping your hands clean is half/ nearly the whole battle.  Help not get yourself sick by carrying some hand sanitizer in your coat pocket so you have no excuse to keep those hands clean. Try one from Bath and Body Works which smell amazing as opposed to like vodka like some hand sanitizers *stomach turns*.

7. Sleep

Getting enough sleep is so important for your body in every way. Sleep heals your cells, helps you concentrate better, helps keep your energy high, the list goes on. Get at least 8 hours to stay at the top of your game everyday!

Comment your best tips for staying healthy during these long winter months!

Happy Holidays 🙂

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