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Keep Christmas Cheap!

Hey all,

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that Christmas shopping (and decorations, travelling, outings, treats, the list goes on) can really add up. So I have put together some of my best tips for keeping your Christmas merry, very. Because no one is happy when Christmas makes you broke.

1. Shop Thrift Stores

Many people forget thrift stores at Christmas because you can’t find anything “new” or “nice”. Au contraire! Many great quality items can be found at thrift stores that can be much better finds than what you might get retail. Some great gifts ideas include shoes, belts, men’s dress shirts, sunglasses, sweaters, kitchen ware, dining room table sets, costume jewellery, books, even Christmas decorations! Start early and set out on your own a budget-friendly treasure hunt!

2. Inherit Decorations From Family

Decorations can run a hefty bill so why not hit up your The Bank of Mom and Dad for some decorations they would like to donate? Also, grandparents always love giving stuff away and have often collected a vast number of decorations and even Christmas trees they would love to give to you. People love getting rid of clutter and helping out family, so skip the stores and hit up the fam!

3. Shop Cheap, But Cute – Walmart/ Forever 21/eBay/Amazon

Walmart can be great for saving money and for Christmas gifts such like costume jewellery for your mom, electronics like iPods or video games for your brother, small appliances such as a George Foreman grill for your dad or a curling wand for your sister). Forever 21 can also be amazing for shoes and costume jewellery at the cheapest prices. eBay and Amazon can be an amazing money-saver as well: if you’re looking to get some new cell phone batteries for your most phone-addicted friend, up to $50 in store but as low as $5 on eBay. Just click the “Price+Shipping: lowest first” and search on. Also Amazon, including other online retailers, often have free shipping around the holidays!

4. Wrapping Paper & Tape From The Dollar Store

Wrapping paper can be super expensive at stores like Hallmark and Chapters. So why not hit the dollar store for your gift needs including clear tape, ribbon, even decorations! Be sure to buy the paper wrapping paper not the foil shiny stuff – it doesn’t sit well and makes it really hard to not look like a 2-year-old did the gift wrapping.

5. DIY Decorations/ Goodies

DIY whenever possible to save some moula. There are tons of online how-to videos and tutorials online such as DIY tree ornaments, christmas decorations, even great Christmas treats recipes.

6. Store Your Decorations Well = No Need to Replace Next Year

Store Christmas decorations carefully is a must to ensure you can use them for years to come. Store Christmas lights on a hanger, store tree ornaments in egg cartons, and do not keep Christmas decorations (or anything of value) on the bottom shelf of basement storage racks in case your basement floods ruins those precious memories.

7. Keep A Running List of Gifts People Need

Throughout the year on my phone, I like to keep a running list of gift ideas of things my loved ones mention they would like. Your sister mentions she would love the amazing Mac Studio Sculpt foundation, your boyfriend mentions he would love some new ties. Jot it all down so when it comes to Christmas, you can get people gifts they need instead of wasting your hard-earned cash on a dud present.

8. Shop With Cash, Don’t Stray From The List

Shopping with cash instead of using debit or credit psychologically will make you want to spend less and make fewer impulse buys. Also, make sure you shop with a list, and stick you list! This will ensure you only buy what you need.

Comment your favourite holiday traditions!

Happy Holidays! 🙂

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