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Beauty Secrets For A Steal!

Hi all,

Today I wanted to share some of my own personal beauty secrets and how I achieve them for as little money as possible. Read on to find out how to be a diva on a dime:

1. Loblaws Beauty Blender 

I’m sure if you’re as into makeup as me you have heard of the legendary beautyblender. Its basically just a egg-shaped makeup sponge used for applying foundation and concealer. It’s great for blending out your foundation to avoid orange spots and to achieve a flawless canvas. Only problem is, this legendary sponge also comes with a hefty price tag – $26!

But if you’re looking to achieve flawless foundation for cheaps check out the Joe Fresh (Loblaws brand) beautyblender for just $3. Bonus tip: hold under running water to 5 seconds then wring the sponge out. Using a damp sponge will ensure your makeup blends even better.

2. Loblaws Angle Eye Shadow Brush

Loblaws Joe Fresh brand is also great if you’re looking to pick up makeup brushes but aren’t willing to spend upwards of $20 at Mac. Especially angle eye shadow brushes. They do a pretty basic job – applying eye shadow to the upper or lower lash line to get that eyeliner effect, so why not pick up a cheaper version at Loblaws for $6 instead?

3. Cheap Oil-Blotters – Coffee Filters and Starbucks Napkins

Oil-blotters can be quite expensive especially when you could skip buying them all together and use household items for your oil blotting needs instead. Try cutting up coffee filters to keep in your purse or grab a couple extra Starbucks napkins while you’re there.

4. Drug Store Mascara

I have invested in many expensive mascaras including Benefit’s They’re Real and Lancome Hypnose Drama to name a few. While they are good mascaras, especially Lancome, they’re just mascara. They really aren’t any different from drugstore mascaras apart from the $32 price tag. So if you’re looking to save a little cash, try picking up a drugstore mascara instead. My favourite right now is Rimmel’s Volume Flash ScandaleyesIt’s great for achieving major volume and super-black lashes.

5. Keep Hair Straight All Day

There are many potions out there to keep hair straight longer. But the best tactic I’ve found it to simply blow dry your hair first with an ionic blow dryer which will leave it straighter than letting it drip-dry (I don’t know about you, but mine goes crazy wavy.) Then pin hair up and straighten in layers any pieces that did not get straight in the blow drying process. Also using a great conditioner in the shower will ensure your hair is healthy, manageable and happy to be straightened.

Let me know your affordable beauty secrets in the comments below!

Happy beautifying 🙂

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