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Achieve Starlet Blonde Hair At Home

Hey all,

So I feel like I have been every shade of blonde out there but I have been really liking the shade of blonde I am right now and have gotten a lot of compliments on how people love this blonde. It is a nice light/platinum blonde without being too white. It is really hard to get away from the white territory once you get there. But I have finally come back down to earth with a really great blonde and you don’t even need to bleach to achieve it! Read on for some at-home blonde hair dying tips.

  1. Garnier Nutrisee Cream 101 – Extra-Light Neutral Blonde

This is the dye I am using currently and is the best blonde dye I have tried to date, hands down. It gives a super light shade of blonde and it isn’t straight bleach which can be super damaging. Seriously, when I used to bleach my hair, it was straw. Also, since it’s not bleach you can easily stay away from going super white.

2. Keep Hair Healthy – Dye Only The Roots

After you have dyed your hair once with Garnier Nutrisee Cream 101 – Extra-Light Neutral Blonde, the upkeep is fairly easy. Since its quite light there really is no need to dye your whole head, so I dye the roots only. This is great to decrease the damage you’re doing to your hair, it is bringing my previously-bleached hair back to life from it’s sad straw state.

hair dryer

3. Section Hair – Use Clip               

Since I only dye the roots, I like to section my hair so that all your roots are addressed not just around your part, like they tell you to do it a root touch up box. I start at the bottom of my hair by my neck and section my hair like I’m putting my hair half-up. I do 1-inch sections moving toward the top of my head.

4. DIY: Be Able To See The Back Of Your Head

Seeing the back of your head by using two mirrors means you can dye your roots and not miss spots, all by yourself! I like to sit in front of my full-length mirror in my room and put a small table mirror on a rolling desk chair behind me (a little make-shift, I know.) Since I use a rolling chair I can move it easily, if needed, to see better. Being able to dye your own hair and not having to rely on someone else is really convenient. Also, it allows you to make sure you do it exactly how you want and not take a gamble on a friend who really doesn’t know what they’re doing.

5. Use A Dye Brush, Bowl, AND Gloves

At home dye comes in a bottle and is meant to go directly from the bottle to your hair. However, I like to mix up the dye in the bottle then pour into a bowl I don’t care about and use a dye brush to apply it to my roots. This makes it a lot easier to control and lets you use less product. Once I have coated a section, I like to use a gloved hand to massage it through the section as if I’m shampooing my hair. This ensures you don’t miss any spots. Careful not to rub it into your scalp because this can really irritate it.

6. Not Blonde Enough – Dye It Twice

You can always dye your hair twice if you wish your colour to be lighter. Since you are dying over hair that is lighter than before it will lighten more. Make sure you dry your hair before dying it again. I usually just go over the roots I did the previous month when I do my roots again if they don’t match the rest of my hair.

7. If You Must Refresh Fading Colour – Pull Through Last 5 Minutes

If you think your colour has faded since your last dye job, instead of dying your whole head, you can pull the colour through for the last 5 minutes of the dying process (do this at the 20 minute mark if the box says to leave it in for 25 minutes.) Do this by running your fingers through your hair taking the product from your roots to the rest of your hair. You can also just use any leftover product and apply this to the rest of your hair. I usually put the product in my gloved handed and run my fingers through my hair to spread it evenly.

8. Still Not Light Enough – Purple Shampoo

If you are still not happy with how light the blonde is, you can apply purple shampoo. Purple shampoo takes the brassiness out of your hair (makes it lighter.) If you are only dying your roots, you can put the purple shampoo into a bowl and use a clean dye brush to apply purple shampoo to sectioned hair, same as you would when you’re dying your roots. Otherwise you can use it as shampoo in the shower and let it soak in for a few minutes (use as directed.) The longer you leave it in the lighter your hair will be. Whip off a small section with a gloved finger to check every 5-10 minutes.

Let me know your at-home hair dying tips in the comments below!

Happy Hair Dying 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a hair dresser, these tips I am sharing are based on personal experince/ trial and error alone. Follow at your own risk.

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