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Achieve The Perfect Pin Up Cat Eye Look

Hi all,

Everyone loves that gorgeous pin up girl look however it seems based on numerous memes, tweets and instagram pics that many people had trouble crafting the perfect cat eye. Which, when done well, looks gorgeous on just about anyone. I have worn liquid eyeliner nearly everyday since grade 9 and would like to share what I have learned through my own trial and error what works best to achieve a flattering cat eye.

cat yee

1. Fresh Almay black liquid eyeliner

Using the right eyeliner is the most important. If you choose an eyeliner you can’t handle well, the result will be a hot mess at best. My favourite is Almay’s Liquid Eyeliner in Blackit’s also great because it stays well and doesn’t bleed during the day. Make sure you keep your eyeliner fresh and replace regularly because once it drys up, it is really hard to get a crisp line. Also the brush eventually loses it’s shape which makes it harder to wield.

2. Start right at inner corner


I’ve seen many people just start anywhere on their eye. This often ends up looking strange/ like you don’t know what you’re doing/ like you’re just plain lazy.

3. Make small lines as you go – not one big line

Apply small lines starting at the inner corner going toward to edge. Small lines are easier to perfect than having to hold your hand steady for one giant line.

4. Keep elbow steady

Rest your elbow on the bathroom counter or on your knee if you’re sitting. This will help you keep your hand as steady as possible to avoid mistakes.

5. As thin as possible until middle eye

Use the thinnest part of the brush until the middle of eye.


6. Gradually fatter towards the end starting at the middle of your eye

Then gradually make line fatter toward the point.

7. Make a nice point at the end

Bringing your eyeliner to a point at the end gives a nice polished look and makes you look like a real makeup pro.

8. Make sure tail is in line with lower lash line


9. Don’t go past the crease


10. Q-Tip Clean Up

No one is perfect so if you mess up a little, keep q-tips on hand for easy clean up. Its best if you mess up to use a damp q-tip and fix it immediately. Once the eyeliner drys it’s much harder to fix.


Ever look at a cat eye and wonder why it looks kind of weird? Now that you know the rules, you can identify what would many it perfect:

eyeliner Line is past lower lash line.


Should be not thin out toward the end.


Goes past the lower lash line, the crease, and thins out toward the end.


Let me know your tips for the perfect cat eye in the comments below!

Happy primping 🙂

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