Summer Music Festival Tips and Tricks

Hi all,

After attending Osheaga a couple weekends ago, I have put together a few tips and tricks of things I wish I knew before attending a music festival. Read on to have maximum fun for minimum money at your next music festival!

  1. Travel with Megabus if possible download (1)

Definitely the cheapest way to travel without a car. Megabus only goes to select locations, generally east of Toronto and makes minimal stops. Book early for the best rates but keep in mind tickets are non-refundable!

  1.  Airbnb_Logo_Bélo.svg accommodations

Try renting out a room, not the whole apartment. We had a great experience with this because it meant we met people to hang out with at the festival and in the evenings, not to mention saved a bundle!

  1. Have a big breakfast iStock_000018243847XSmall

Eat a good breakfast so you aren’t famished as soon as you get to the festival. This is also great because it puts you in a good mood to endure the heat and crowds instead of having to brave all this while hangry.

  1. Pack lots of food download (3)

Pack as much food as you can because food and drinks on the festival grounds are expensive not to mention have a huge line. We packed a sandwich for lunch along with 2 other snacky foods in sandwich bags like trail mix, animal crackers, Teddy Grahams,  Digestive cookies, Arrowroot cookies, etc.

  1. Bring a water bottle nestle-bottled-water-300x227

Keeping hydrated is so important because you can easily get heat stroke in the summer heat. Packing a water bottle also means you can refill it and avoid sky high bottled water prices at the festival.

  1. Bring an across-the-body purse download (2)

This way it’s on your person and you don’t have to carry anything. Make sure it’s a good size and can fit your water bottle, food, sunscreen, money, sunglasses, and phone/camera.

  1. Put phone in a seperate pocket/ in plastic bag

If you are keeping you water bottle in your bag, it may leak or just be wet from refilling it recently. Keep your phone in a seperate pocket or in a plastic sandwich bag to avoid water damaged.

  1. Put sunscreen on at home/ bring for touch-ups coppertone-oil-free-sunscreen-lotion-spf-60-237-ml

Put sunscreen on at home in front of a mirror to make sure you don’t miss anything! I like to put oil-free sunscreen on under my foundation and powder so I can mattify that shiny-sunscreen-face look. Also be sure to pack a small bottle of sunscreen because you will sweat it off. Nothing is worse or as painful than being sunburnt for the remainder of the music festival.

  1. Bring Kleenex – toilet paper runs out fast 

Be sure to pack a few kleenexs in your pocket because toilet paper runs out pretty quick when 50,000 people are sharing.

  1. Take note of short lines for food/ washrooms

Try and remember which lines tend to be shorter for washrooms, water stations and food vendors. Go there and spend more time enjoying the music!

  1. Get creative with outfits you already have Untitled

Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe of pieces you may never wear again, get creative with clothes you already have – high waisted shorts/skirts and crop tops are a major staple at music festivals. Adding a flower crown, floppy hat, round sunglasses, or lots of bracelet will give any outfit a bohemian feel.

  1. Flower crowns/ accessories – Forever 21 or eBay Untitled

To pick up some cheap accessories try Forever 21 or eBay. Just know inventory is limited and items like flower crowns are hot sellers in the summer months. If you order online leave 2-3 weeks for delivery.

  1. TD Music Access Pass

If you have a TD bank account, sign up for the TD Music Access pass. It can get you some great discounts on concerts and even discounted Veld tickets 25% this year. It is free to sign up/ receive notifications about upcoming events.

Let me know your best tips for summer music festivals in the comments below and check out the upcoming music festivals this summer!

Happy festivities 🙂

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