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Conceal Like A Kardashian – Tips for Applying Concealer

Hi all,

Concealing and highlighting are a major trend these days. However, it can be tricky and result in creasing, bad colour matching, among other problems. Check out the following tips to achieve a flawless skin look and have it stay all day!

Choose the correct concealer


  • Warning: concealers with SPF – can appear white in flash photography


Application Technique
  • Avoiding creasing in fine lines – everyone has fine lines especially under eyes, you’re not suddenly getting old! You can prevent concealer from settling in fine lines with the following tips.

1. Use primer with SPF to fill fine lines 2. Pat to blend concealer with damp beauty blender (use pointed end for precision) 3. Set with translucent powder – to stay put and last all day

  • Apply in V formation – for flattering highlighted look, avoid looking like a white-eyed racoon  images-6
  • Pat to blend – alternatively to using a damp beauty blender, use ring finger to pat which is weaker than index finger so you won’t blend the concealer away. Using patting motion, as opposed to rubbing the concealer in, will give maximum coverage.
3. Prevent Imperfections
What your breakouts are telling you – find out why you are breaking out in a certain area
Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.58.53 PM
Routine that works for me – I used to break out like crazy all over my face but the following routine has cleared my skin right up. As soon as I stopped this routine, specifically Clindoxyl Gel, it came right back – so I know it works!
1. Stopped drinking milk
2. Tri-Cyclen Lo birth control
3. Prescription Clindoxyl Gel: apply like moisturizer, morning and night after washing face
4. 50 mg zinc pills – one a day. Bonus: helps improve your immune system and ward off colds.
Hope these tips have taught you a thing or two, let me know your best concealing tips in the comments below!
Happy Primping 🙂
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