Foot Care With Money To Spare!

Hi all,

It’s fall which means the colder weather and dryer skin – even for your feet. Read on for some tips to take care of those toesies so you can put your best foot forward!

1. Cracked Foot Cure – Vaseline 999999-65656912886

There are a lot of products out there like the Ped Egg to remedy this wide-spread problem. However, none of them seem to work, except this trick. Right after a shower when my skin is soft, I generously apply Vaseline to my feet, then immediately put on socks. Within as little as an hour, feet are baby-soft.

2. Best Nail Polish Removers – Acetone 

The most effective and quickest nail polish removers contain acetone, mine is 100% acetone. They perform worlds better than those that contain none.

3. In-Shower Nail Polish Removal

When I’m feeling especially lazy/ don’t care to use nail polish remover, I like to chip off the last of an old polish while in the shower. The hot water from the shower softens the polish so it’s a breeze to chip off. Also since you’re in the shower, the water washes the chips away which makes for easy clean up!

4. Remove Gel Nails – Soak I want to do this to my nails do bad:

The best way to remove gel nails is to fill a bowl with just enough acetone nail polish remover to cover your nails. Simply soak for 15 minutes while you watch your favourite Netflix show and volia! They are soft enough to easily peel off.

5. Remove Glitter Polish Bronze holographic glitter nail polish – Fun Lacquer on

Place a cotton ball saturated with acetone nail polish remover against your nail then wrap fingertip with tin foil to keep the cotton ball secured. Let stand for 5 minutes. Slide tin foil off = magically clean nails!

6. Toe Nail Polish – Dark Colours Look Great! China Glaze Shocking Pink 9 Best Pedicure Tips :Before putting the varnish on, try to wipe your toenails with the remover because nails need to be dry.:

Have you noticed when you throw on a great dark finger nail colour, it looks so much worse when it chips than a light colour? Well, with your toe nails, they don’t do half as many things as your hands do, so they tend to last much longer and chip way less! So throw on a dark toenail colour like a hot pink or red. Dark colours look great on toes and will last days longer than fingernail polish!

Let me know some of your best foot care tips in the comments below!

Happy pedicuring 🙂

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