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Best Moisturizers – Stay Smooth This Season

Hi all,

As the winter is finally growing colder, it is important to keep your skin moisturized in this dry air! Cracked skin is not only uncomfortable but susceptible to infection. Read on to keep smooth and moisturized with some great – and affordable – products.

  1. Best Body Moisturizer – St. Ives Mineral Cream 999999-77043236802

Tried this cream on a whim but it is honestly the best body moisturizer I’ve ever used. Even my boyfriend notices a difference in how soft my skin is.

  1. Best Day Face Moisturizer – Vitamin E Cream 


Vitamin E cream is an old beauty secret, known to minimize signs of aging (non-dry skin = non-lined skin), deep moisturize, and even heal scars and stretch marks.

  1. Best Night Face Cream / Moisturizer – Nivea Creme 


When something says “night cream” – read “thick cream”. Bedtime is the perfect time to apply a thick, super creamy moisturizer that’s too heavy for daytime. This product has been reviewed so much and has almost the exact ingredients of the legendary La Mer moisturizer, boasted for its anti-aging and super-moisturizing properties. This stuff will have you waking up with butter-smooth skin.

  1. Best Night Cream for Eyes /  Fine Lines / Extra-Dry Areas / Feet / Elbows – Vaseline


Known to be one of Jennifer Aniston’s anti-aging secrets. Considering she hardly looks a day older than her time on Friends –  which ended over 10 years ago – I’d say it’s worth a try! I apply it to my eyes (bonus: helps grow lashes), forehead fine lines, and smile lines before bed. I also have very acne-prone skin but it doesn’t break me out at all, making it actually less acne-prone and leaves skin butter soft.

For feet – apply  to feet after showering when skin is soft and put socks on overtop. When you remove socks, you’ll find your feet baby-soft.

  1. Best Gradual Fake Tan Moisturizer – Jergens Natural Glow


If you’re looking to get a nice, natural glow this winter in favour of your usual translucent skin, this gives a get streak-free colour without breaking the bank!

  1. Best Stretch Mark Reducer –Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula


Have tried many products for stretch marks including Bio Oil (useless and feels disgusting) – this is the only thing that really worked. I had very noticeable stretch marks after a pre-teen growth spurt and this made them disappear completely. Apply once a day on affected area before bed and start seeing results in a few weeks, best results with continued use.

Let me know your best winter products in the comments below!

Happy moisturizing 🙂

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