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How To Fake Bigger Lips

Hi all,

There’s been quite the trend lately for statement lip stick. This always looks great on a nice full lip. However some of us, such as myself, aren’t quite as gifted in this area as others! Read on for tips on faking a plumper kisser.

1. Exfoliate dry lips if needed 


Apply lip balm, allow 2-4 minutes to soften skin. Rub lips with a soft toothbrush to remove any dead skin. If you apply lip colour over dry lips, it will just flake off throughout the day ruining your colour not to mention making lips look even more dry.

2. Lip Primer/ Lip Balm 

Apply a modest amount of lip primer or lip balm and allow 2-4 minutes to absorb while doing eyeliner or other makeup.

3. Nude lip liner – slightly overdraw


Use a lip liner the same colour as your natural lip colour. Slightly overdraw especially on top lip, making sure it looks crisp and using your judgement on how much you would like to overdraw.

4. Fill in lips

Use the same same lip liner or lip stick of the same shade to fill in.

5. Add statement lip stick if desired 


Having a base of lip liner will make it stay longer and not bleed at the edges.

6. For a crisper look, use concealer around lips


Use a concealer brush and conceal around the edge of lips. Blend colour away from lips to blend concealer into skin or pat into skin with your finger.

7. Highlight cupid’s bow and centre of bottom lip


I like to use my finger to apply product to the cupid’s bow and the centre of the bottom lip, blending in to make it look natural. Using a champagne coloured eyeshadow is a great dupe and beats having to invest in an expensive highlighter.

8. Avoid lipstick on teeth


Remove lipstick from the inside of your lips with this old school trick to avoid getting it on your teeth!

Let me know your best lip colour tips in the comments below!

Happy primping 🙂

Photo credit: toothbrush, NYX, e.l.f.overdraw, red lip, concealer, cupid’s bow, lipstick

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