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My Results: Replace Morning Coffee with Lemon Water

Hi all,

I have loved coffee ever since discovering the Starbucks kiosk at my university accepted my meal plan. However lately, I have noticed I have been drinking coffee more and more regularly and have always been a little tentative in making it a habit. I simply don’t wish to be reliant or addicted to anything.

Instead, after rave reviews from one of my favourite bloggers, Meg the RHN, I have replaced my morning coffee with drinking 1/2 a lemon squeezed into about 1.5 cups of half boiling, half cold water every morning about 30 minutes before breakfast. Lemon water has been touted as a great “detox drink”, a word people seem to throw around a lot these days. However, I wanted to see some real results before I was convinced.


After drinking lemon water for 2 months 5-6 times per week, this is what I noticed:

1. Appetite suppressant

Like coffee, lemon water I have noticed seems to make me much less starving in the morning. I found myself making better, healthier breakfast and even lunch choices.

2. Mild, natural laxative

Again like coffee, it can definitely make you want to the visit the bathroom in the coming hour after you drink it, if you catch my drift. This cleans you out and makes you feel light and cleansed.

3. Energy Enhancer

I have noticed lemon water makes me feel full of energy and somehow in a better mood than days when I don’t drink it. Although, unlike coffee there is no afternoon crash. I also didn’t find myself craving coffee at all because I wasn’t feeling sluggish.


4. Clear skin

It is hard to prove causation but nothing in my beauty routine has changed, however my skin has seen massive improvements. I usually have maybe 1 or 2 imperfections a week, however after beginning to drink lemon water it has been magically reduced to zero.

5. Aids digestion

I have experienced a lot less indigestion lately and overall my belly feels settled and comfortable. I have also become a lot more regular and experienced no diarrhea (lol TMI).

Lemon water is also boasted for many other health benefits, however above were just the ones I noticed most.

Let me know if you drink lemon water on the regular and what you have experienced in the comments below!

Happy detoxing 🙂

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