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How To Take Your Best Selfie

Hi all,

Recently, I have seen a few videos from my favourite YouTubers on taking the best pictures and photo editing. Since most people today will take a selfie at some point for whatever reason and hope that it will turn out without leaning too heavily on filters, I have compiled a few of my tried and true methods for achieving a great selfie.

1. Makeup


a) Foundation, powder – achieve clear, flawless, shine-free skin

b) Defined eye makeup – defined your eyes with curled lashes, black mascara, black liquid eyeliner if desired

c) Lip liner/ lip stick – slightly overdrawn and a colour darker than your natural lip colour gives the illusion of bigger lips

c) Highlighter – across the tops of cheeks, under brow bone, inner corner of eyes, cupids bow of the lips if desired

2. Style hair 


Style your hair for a more photoshoot-esque look, a simple curled or straight look will photograph wonderfully.

2. Face the light


When you take a picture, facing the light acts as a natural filter, softening your features and making you look your most radiant.

3. Front camera – flip photo back to the way you took it


Often when you take a picture using your front camera it will flip the photo making it look completely different than when you took it. To flip it back, you can download apps as QuickFlip or FaceTune.

4. Photo Editing 


If you would like to give your photo a little extra something, there are a number of different apps to use. My favourite is FaceTune.

You can flip the image back to the way you took it, crop it, use “smooth” to give skin for a more flawless look, use “patch” to cover an imperfection, use “details” to make hair look more textured/ make eye makeup, eyebrows, or lipstick look darker and more defined, use “whiten” to brighten your highlighter / whiten teeth or eyes / make hair appear lighter.

5. Instasize App 


Make a rectangular photo square with this app – extremely handy when you did not take it in square mode to begin with.

6. Mirror Image App

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.15.08 PM.png

Instead of Instasizing a rectangular picture, you can mirror it to give it a cool effect.

Let me know your best photo-taking tips in the comments below!

Happy photographing 🙂

Photo credit: curler, straightener, sun, FaceTune, Khloe Kardashian


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