How To Avoid a Hangover Starting With Your Drink – Mio Trick

Hi all,

So I have been asked by numerous friends to share this on my blog as it is a tip they love so much, they think should be shared. I have gotten all my friends on this and it is a godsend for many of reasons. Read on to avoid a hangover starting with what you’re drinking:


The trick: vodka water with sugar-free juice drops (Mio/ Crystal Light/ Dasani)

Why it’s amazing:

1. Saves the dehydration hangover headache

Hangover symptoms, specifically headaches, tend to happen because you are dehydrated. The sugar in a mixed drink/ wine/ even beer can add to the dehydration alcohol influences. So the fact that juice drops are sugar-free can really help ward off a hangover. Not to mention vodka water clearly has lots of water in it and this also helps keep you hydrated.

2. Can’t taste the alcohol

I almost always make my vodka water with juice drops a double but because you can add as much of the juice drops as you want to make it strong enough that you literally cannot taste the alcohol. #win


3. Saves having to buy and carry bulky chase/ drink mix

I don’t know how many times my friends have had a hard time making it to the store to get drink mix or being annoyed by the inconvenience of having to carry a big bottle of juice or pop to use as chase or for a mixed drink. Juice drops don’t run out quickly and you can just pop them in your purse – super convenient!

4. Low on calories

When the average cup of juice or pop runs at about 110 calories, having a number of drinks in a night can add the calories up quick. Thankfully, water and juice drops are calorie-free and depending how often you go out, might even save you a few pounds.

5. Saves money at the bar

I have never done this myself, but my friends have said they bring juice drops in their purse to the bar and add it to their vodka water, which is less expensive than other drinks. Life hacks for reals.

Let me know if you have ever tried this trick and how it worked for you in the comments below!

Safe and happy drinking 🙂

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