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Stay Young, Stay Out of the Sun – Prevent Sun Damage and Wrinkles

Hi all,

I think we have all seen that group of older people at the beach or on vacation with skin that looks more like a crocodile’s than a human’s. Premature aging is something a lot of people don’t realize can be easily prevented by using sunscreen and staying out of the sun!

Read on for tips on looking years younger by being sun smart:

  1. Wear Sunscreen Everyday – Moisturizer and Foundation with SPF

Using a daytime moisturizer with SPF is an easy way to always be wearing sunscreen. Neutrogena is one of my favourites which boasts SPF 30, Neutrogena SPF 80 is a super non-greasy sunscreen that can be used as moisturizer, and L’Oreal Super Blendable is a great foundation and has SPF 17! I like to layer all 3.


  1. Wear a Hat

Seems obvious but wearing a baseball cap or sun hat can keep your face shaded, one of the most obvious and susceptible areas of sun damage, not to mention hats keep the sun out of your eyes on super sunny days!


  1. Chapstick with SPF

When on vacation or during the summer, people may not realize their “dry lips” are actually sunburnt. Nothing is quite as painful and bothersome as chapped lips and sun screen sure doesn’t taste great, but many chapsticks today come with SPF! Slather on chapstick like you normally would and protect those lips!



  1. Avoid Tanning

Not using tanning booths is obvious but even laying out in the sun can severely age your skin. And let’s be honest, its also a lot cooler and more pleasant in the shade or under a beach umbrella than sweating and baking in the sun!

Let me know some of your best tips to avoid sun damage in the comment below!

Happy summer 🙂

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