Moving on a Budget – Moving Tips & Packing Hacks

Hi all,

Just like many people I know, I am moving this September and like most people, I would like to do it as cheaply as possible. Here a few tips and tricks that can really help keep the price down and make the move as efficient and painless as possible!

1. Move as much as possible with your car


Let’s face it, renting moving trucks are expensive and the more you have to move, the bigger the truck and the longer you will need it. I would recommend moving as much as possible with a car first then move furniture that won’t fit.

2. If U-Haul needed – rent for 4 hours only



The less time you have a truck, the cheaper it will be. Moving only big furniture will mean you can rent for the shortest amount of time.

3. Call many truck rental companies to compare quotes

Specify kind of truck (e.g. cargo van), kms needed, date needed. Simply google “truck rental” and your city name to find trucks in your area. Truck rental companies I contacted: U-Haul, Discount, Jamieson, Penske.

4. Rent smallest U-Haul possible (e.g. cargo van)


  1. Only moving what you absolutely must in rental truck means you can rent the smallest truck possible. The cargo van is usually their smallest size.

4. Calculate U-Haul kms needed and get a deal 


If you are moving from say Waterloo to Toronto, google map how far that is (double is doing a round trip) adding maybe 10-20 extra kms and ask to work that into your U-Haul quotation. Doing this instead of paying per km is often cheaper.

5. Pack with bags over boxes


Bags can be stretched meaning more things/miscellaneous shaped items can packed e.g. clothes, shoes, hats, etc. They also fit better in a vehicle than boxes as they can change shape to fit in small spaces that the rigidity of a box doesn’t allow. Using clear garbage bags allows you to see whats inside and ensures they aren’t accidentally mistaken for garbage and thrown out.

6. Pack clothes on hangers with makeshift garment bag


Leave clothes on the closet bar and pull clear garbage with a hole in the top around as many garments as possible, tying tightly around the bottom. This means when you move into your new place you can simply hang them and rip off the bag saving the time of having to rehang.

7. Pack folded clothes in tied grocery bags


Fit a plastic grocery bag around a stack of folded clothes tying tightly at the top so they don’t become unfolded. Put 6-8 of these grocery bags in a clear garbage so you don’t have to move each one separately. When you move in, carefully removed the bag and place already-folded clothes back on the shelf.

7. LCBO Boxes for Free 

11- boxes to unpack craft room supplies liquor boxes free boxes.jpg

Getting boxes for kitchen things etc. can often mean having to buy them, and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather die than buy something I only use once. LCBO gives away their alcohol boxes for free at the front of the store so stalk up there instead!

8. Wrap dishes/breakables in newspaper or grocery bags

Instead of buying packing paper, use newspaper to wrap dishes or wrap in 3-4 grocery bags to avoid breakage.

9. Declutter before moving 


I’m sure we have all done this – only decide which things to donate to a thrift store AFTER moving *eye roll*. Take the time to do it before you pack – less stuff to move!

Let me know your best moving tips in the comments below!

Happy moving 🙂

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