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SugarBearHair Gummy Dupe Review

Hi all,

I was super impressed with the SugarBearHair hair vitamin gummy review that Kait wrote on her awesome blog, Life In Lipstick. I was entirely convinced and went straight over to the website to purchase. However upon arrival, I balked at the $39 USD/month price tag (plus shipping and duty).

“There must be a better way!” I thought to myself and began scouring the interwebs for SugarBearHair dupes. Quickly I came across Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin in a number of favourable YouTube reviews.

I was convinced and went out to my local drug store (a big plus that it is carried in drug stores and large grocery stores here in Canada – can replace ASAP without waiting for shipping). These are the results I have seen in 3 months of use:


1. Grew Faster – 1/2 inch each month

This is about twice as fast as my hair usually grows! I can tell by how often I have to touch-up my roots (I measured them before dying).

2. Much Silkier Within First Week

I had just dyed my hair for my Harley Quinn Halloween costume and had to remove the highly resistant blue dye with a baking soda & shampoo soak (for a number of rounds, about 45 minutes each time). This left my hair feeling completely stripped, porous and crispy. It took nearly half and hour to brush out the tangles the day after doing this.

However, after mere days of taking these gummies – my hair felt silkier and more managable than ever (win!)

3. Much Less Breakage

My hair has always seemed to grow quite quickly (I annoyingly have to touch up my roots at least monthly if not more often, any longer and it begins to look trashy). Although despite constant root touchup/ obvious hair growth, my hair didn’t seem to be getting any longer. This was due to my severe split ends and constant breakage.

Anytime I would brush my hair I would see short broken bits of hair all over my shirt especially when wearing black (my blonde (basically clear) hair shows up very clearly).

I have been trying to grow out my hair for years and often thought it might be getting longer especially when I began trimming my ends every 2 months. However, not by much.

It was only when I started using these gummies that my hair was finally getting noticeably longer. Even my boyfriend noticed and he has never noticed this when I have asked him previously (and we have dated for 4 and a half years).


1. Clearer skin

I bought these gummies to help grow my damaged hair, but I unexpectedly saw some skin results. My skin began to have fewer breakouts as soon as I started taking them.

2. Less oily

My usually extremely oily skin suddenly became much less oily and more manageable.

3. Smaller pores

This is likely due to my skin becoming less oily, but an amazing plus none the less!


1. Grew faster

2. Stronger

3. Much Shinier

It literally looks like they have been buffed or have shiny nail polish on.

Immune System

1. Felt Healthier

2. Cold Quickly Cured

I had a cold when I began taking these vitamins but it was quickly cured as soon as I began taking them at the end of November.

I began to feel the cold coming on after not sleeping with enough blankets on a trip. But I was better in a matter of a days which never happens to me (usually my colds will last about 2 weeks).

This is likely due to the Vitamin C and perhaps Vitamin H (biotin) in these gummies which are known to improve immune/nervous system function.


1. Great Taste

Literally can’t wait to take these everyday, they are delicious. Because of this I find it effortless to take them daily without fail. I even have to stop myself from eating more as I have heard bad things about Vitamin H overdoses. They have a slight aftertaste but it doesn’t last long.

2. Consistency – Not Sticky

Some gummies are very sticky and tend to lodge themselves into your molars but this is not the case with these gummies (thankfully!)

3. Ingredients

Generally quite natural although they do have corn syrup and sugar (would prefer they didn’t but they work so well I don’t care).

4. Low Price

They are only $9 CAD and 2 bottles have lasted me more than 3 months so I find them VERY affordable for all their benefits.


Would HIGHLY recommend these vitamins as they have finally made my very breakable hair grow longer very quickly after years of trying everything to make this happen. Better skin, shiny nails and improved immune system are also huge bonuses I have loved too.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about hair vitamins if you have ever tried them before!

Happy hair care 🙂

4 thoughts on “SugarBearHair Gummy Dupe Review

  1. I don’t know how it has taken me three months to come across this post! Thank you for the blog mention! I definitely have to try out these gummies! I always see them at Shoppers and wonder about them. I found that the Sugar Bear Hair gummies broke my skin out a bit so maybe these would be a better option! 🙂


    1. Hey! Glad you liked the post! Yeah I love the gummies and my hair has continued to grow quickly! I love them and never forget to take them cause they’re so yummy and don’t upset my stomach if I don’t have them with food like other vitamins do 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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