Is the iPhone 7 Worth It?


Hi all,

I just got a new phone when my 2 year contract was up and this is my honest review of the iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 6:

iPhone 7 Pros

  • Much better camera: very high definition pictures with vibrant colours
  • Clearer and much more vibrant display screen 
  • More respondent keyboard 
  • Water resistant (not water proof though – the store clerk explained it would live if you splashed water on it but wouldn’t if you took it swimming to clarify)
  • Seems to work slightly faster (faster internet etc.)
  • Much louder and clearer speakers (could hear it in a party setting if you were trying to show your friend a funny video, for example)

iPhone 7 Cons 

  • No headphone jack: it does however come with headphone cord converter which plugs into charger outlet so you can still use regular headphones. Although, this means you can’t charge and listen to music through headphones simultaneously which is a tad annoying, but this doesn’t often happen to me so not the hugest deal
  • Requires a different case than iPhone 6 due to bigger camera: slightly difficult to find a case as many retailers carry a limited range of iPhone 7 sized cases (these cases also fit the iPhone 6).

Worth it?

It is nice to have a perfect new phone (and a gorgeous new case/ a lot more memory than my ridiculously limiting 16gb). However, the couple extra features don’t offer the biggest difference.

The iPhone 6 would likely suffice if you had to choose and wanted to save a bundle.

Happy phone shopping 🙂



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