Hair Story – New Wash Review

Hi all,

I was very excited to try this new product by the founder of Bumble and Bumble called New Wash.

It is a shampoo and conditioner replacement that contains no detergent – the main culprit of dry hair and other hair problems, leading to having to buy more products to counteract these effects.

The reviews largely written by magazines (read: paid reviews) raved about this product, saying it made their hair much healthier, have less breakage, and stay clean up until day 5, so they could wash their hair much less.

I thought this all sounded amazing so I went ahead and bought New Wash online. The following is how I found it:



  1. Only need to use one hair product in the shower – very simple!
  2. Contains essential oils (no detergent!)


  1. I found my hair became oily much faster (often next day when usually it won’t become oily until 3rd day)
  2. My hair was less silky than using my usual, extra cheap TRESemmé shampoo & conditioner
  3. Hair ends became dry faster
  4. Expensive ($53.82 – after USD to CAD conversion and shipping!)
  5. Have to use a lot of product to effectively clean your hair
  6. Had to spend a few minutes massaging it into your hair (more time-consuming than shampoo)

Would I Recommend?

No, unfortunately.

I really wanted to like this product, but for $53.82 (compared to the $11 I usually spend on shampoo & conditioner) I really expected better.

It was fine, but not nearly as great as the “life changing” magazine reviews claimed. My hair was slightly less silky, got greasy quicker, ends were more dry. I followed the directions to a T and still, this product did not perform as expected.

Ah, well. As they say, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.


Let me know in the comments below if you have tried New Wash & what you thought!

Happy Hair Care 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hair Story – New Wash Review

  1. No doubt tresemme products are very good. But according to my personal experience Gnatural Coconut Leave in Conditioner Spray is also best for hair care. Anyone can order it from Amazon Gnatural Herbal Products Store.


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