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Life Changing Whitehead Drying Lotion

Hi all,

I have used very few products in my life that I would be willing to describe as “life changing”, however Mario Badescu’s Dry Lotion is 112% one of them.

After watching a review by a Youtuber I very much trust, I had to try this product.

A product that claims to “shrink whiteheads overnight” seemed pretty far fetched to me but seeing how well it worked for her, I had to give it a go. Read on for my verdict!


How I Use It 

  1. Apply my night moisturizer (very important – your skin will peel like a lizard otherwise)
  2. Use a clean Q-Tip to collect opaque product at the bottom of the bottom (do not shake before using). Do not double-dip as you will contaminate the container.
  3. Apply on any bumps, whiteheads, blemishes, sun discolouration, scars on face, neck, chest, etc.


Fewer to no blemishes (pimples, zits, whatever you want to call them)

-Any blemishes I do have, I can tackle before they get too infected so they clear up quicker and without having to pop them (which often leaves red marks lasting days, these are often be near impossible to cover up with makeup)

-When nothing else worked, this product has dramatically faded my melasma (large patches of sun discolouration, in this case across my cheek bones) due to chemically exfoliating damaged skin to reveal undiscoloured skin below

Scars began to fade

Pores seem smaller 



This is a bit of a splurge but it has lasted 4 months now and theres still plenty left. And as it has dramatically improved my skin, I would say it’s well worth it.

I would highly recommend to anyone!

Let me know in the comments below if you have used this product before and what you think of it!

Happy skin maintenance 🙂


Photo credit: face

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