Review: ISA Professional Digital Titanium Straightener

Hi all,

I was recently sent the ISA Professional Digital Titanium Straightener and I wanted to give my honest and full review of how I found it! Read on for the 411:



11 temperature settings ranging from 265 – 450 Degrees F (most straighteners usually only have about 5)

Pointed end: great for precision and maneuverability around bangs and face framing pieces

Digital temperature screen: have never seen this on any straightener I’ve owned but I love this feature

Hair stays straight for longer than other straighteners I’ve tried including my CHI Air

Works quickly: I took my hair from very wavy to straight in only 15 min

Similar in price to the ever-popular CHI



Not much to say here apart from I wish my hair would stay dead-straight for days but nothing I have tried has ever quite done this for me.

This straightener comes as close as any device has to this goal!

Would I Recommend?

I definitely would! I really like it and will honestly be selling my old CHI Air and keeping this one. I have never tried a straightener with this pointed-end feature and I find this extremely helpful to get close to the scalp and straighten exactly how I want it the hair to sit.

Let me know if the comments below your favourite hair straightener or if you have ever given this one a try!

Happy hair straightening 🙂

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