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Summer Favourites

Hi all,

Summer is officially here and I wanted to share a few products that have me excited to soak up the sun! Read on my summer favies:

1. Canadian Nail Vinyls

Love this Canadian pattern nails, perfect for gettin themed this Canada Day. I love nail vinyls because unlike nail polish, they don’t chip. I was shocked how long these stay perfect – definitely a lasting alternative to regular nail polish!

Use my coupon code QW371IM00K2, first 10 people get free nail vinyls!!!!

2. Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 110


This is my go-to in the summer, I use it as day moisturizer under my makeup. It really does feel quite dry and not shiny/greasy like other sunscreens.

If you’re looking to compare sunscreens to find what would work best for you, is my go-to and how I always pick which sunscreen I’d like to try out. It tells you what’s top rated for best coverage, sensitive skin, etc. Who trusts classic marketing anymore? I’m all about reviews from real people. On Amazon, even on any clothing sites when I want to know if sizes run small, I’m always meticulously scanning those comments.

3. L’Oreal True Match SPF 17

I put this over my Neutrogena Dry Touch and the combination keeps my skin unburned all summer, no matter how much I’m in the sun (a day at Wonderland for example). This is key to preventing premature aging, sun spots/ damage which is definitely what I’m not after!

4. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray 

In the summer months, I like style my hair either curled or straight, otherwise it goes super frizzy in the humidity (anyone else??) So much heat tool use is of course not ideal for your hair so I like using this spray. I ran out and didn’t use it for a hot minute there (ha) and could really tell the difference, my hair felt way crispier. I quickly bought again and am a real advocate for this spray!

5. Coat w/ Conditioner – Avoid Chlorine-Green Hair

My ultimate summer secret – wet your hair in the shower and coat with conditioner before going into the pool to avoid it turning green! Wet hair in the shower is already saturated so it won’t absorb as much chlorinated water and the conditioner will coat it to avoid further adsorption!

6. John Freida Salt Spray

Beachy locks look so summery – get the look even on days you haven’t been to the beach. Braid your hair hair overnight or if you’re short on time, pass over with a blow dryer. Spray with salt spray and sprunch in your hand – automatic beach hair! If you like to DIY, you can also make salt spray at home!

Let me know your favourite products for summer in the comments below!

Happy summering 🙂

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