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Stretch Mark Annihilator – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Hi all,

Now let’s get real for a second — who doesn’t have stretch marks? Not even exclusive to women – weight gain/fluctuations, teenage rapid growth, pregnancy; stretch marks do not discriminate. I myself first encountered stretch marks for the first time when I was 13.

ASOS campaign

I went from a B to a D cup in a couple months and boy, did my skin notice. I had angry red stretch marks across my entire bust and didn’t even know what they were. That is until I was out with a couple of friends, one joked I should try on a lingerie bustier because I was the only one who had the chest for it.

When I showed them my new look, their eyes immediately went to my stretch marks. Later that day my friend told me that they were stretch marks. Huh. I wasn’t upset or surprised, I just finally had a name for what was happening to me.

While grocery shopping with my parents, one of my favourite things to do was check out the toiletry aisle. Foreshadowing my future blog, I loved to check out new shampoos, lotions, deodorants, all of it. I came across the one lotion I had seen in the store before that mentioned stretch marks – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks.


I snuck it into the cart without my dad seeing and as soon as we arrived home, I grabbed it out of the bag I strategically packed myself (must get away with my crime!) and ran up to my room to read the entire label again and again and apply my illicit lotion.

I began religiously applying the lotion twice a day, morning and night, because I knew it was March and summer wasn’t too far away. It would be very nice to not have red marks people would notice, if they would fade to white and be less noticeable this is all I could ask for.

But they didn’t! THEY. FADED. TO. NOTHING.

They were gone without a trace, I was shocked since they had been so bad before. I have read later that new, red stretch marks are often the easiest to get rid of because your skin wants to heal itself.

White stretch look like scar tissue because, well, they are. And because of that they not as easy to get rid of but not impossible!

By the time first year university had rolled around I had gained the freshman 15 twice over (groan) and had a few new stretch mark friends on my bust and hip/ inner thighs.

Again I thought of Palmer’s remembering how great it worked and wondering if even though these stretch marks were white, it would work just as well.

It did! I had to stick to it, twice a day application, but it fixed them again.


I have continued to revisit Palmer’s any time I have noticed any new stretch marks because it is my tried and true. I have given Bio Oil (pricier) a try as well and dear God, NOTHING. Nothing happened at all despite spending so much effort making sure I applied twice a day! I have tried a few other lotions as well and honestly none are as good as the seemingly basic, not at all fancy, Palmer’s. I am also currently using their more condensed version that is more like a very solid coconut oil consistency, it’s just as good! I think I will go back to the bottle version however as I just find it easier to apply and it seems to provide more product.

I have also noticed that using it religiously means I apply the excess on my hands and knees (and everywhere else), even my boyfriend has noticed how smooth and silky all of my skin seems – huge plus! (He has always said he can hardly notice my stretch marks and says lots of people have them – it means your human! Don’t stress! I agree completely, I just love this lotion regardless).

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried anything that has cleared up your stretch marks or if you’re even bothered by it at all!

Happy Monday 🙂


Photo credit: ASOS model

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