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Affordable Trips This Summer!

Hi all,

With summer coming up, I don’t know about you but I am DEFINITELY ready to start thinking about summer trips. Alas, like many of us, I am on a bit of a budget but still want to have fun!

I have therefore compiled a list of some fun ideas to have a great trip for cheap or even free! Read on to have the most fun and affordable summer of your life!


1. Rent/ Buy an RV 

Nothing says summer like going on a road trip with an RV like Coleman campers. RVs can make that trip way easier and definitely cheaper! It can also allow you to go for longer without having to pay for hotel stays every night. You can stay in campgrounds for a small fee overnight and are even able to park overnight in Walmart parking lots for free (life hack).

Having an RV means you only have to unpack once and have built-in accommodation wherever you go! Also its a fun, quaint way to travel! If this sounds like something you would love and are in the market to buy, check out Coleman campers.  They have great prices and you can search all models right on their website.

Sugar Beach source:

2. Beach Day

There are some awesome beaches right here in Toronto. My absolute favourite is Sunnyside Beach which is accessible by TTC. There is beach volleyball, a small cafe and an outdoor beach right by there as well. Some other great local beaches I have loved are Sugar Beach and Balmy Beach in Scarborough.


3. Toronto Island 

Toronto Island is just a short ferry ride from downtown Toronto and is the most adorable destination. It has a small theme park, great beaches and cafes. You can even rent paddle boards and bikes to ride around the island. Definitely a must if you live in the Toronto area.


4. Grand Bend

Grand Bend was just featured by Narcity saying it feels like you are in Miami. Now, I don’t know about all that but it definitely is a super fun beachfront town with a huge sandy waterfront with great patios nearby. I have loved my experience every time I have gone!


5. Deerhurst Resort

Deerhurst can be pricer than most other options, however it’s facilities are amazing. My grandparents used to live across the lake from there and as a kid, I was always in awe of everything it had. They have an inflatable water park right on the lake, access to canoes, kayaks, jet skis, 5 star dining, everything you can think of doing on an amazing cottage experience, they got it. This would be a good option if you got a few friends together to split a room!


6. Airbnb a Cottage 

Many people have cottages they don’t make it up to as much as they would like. Therefore, Airbnb has become a real outlet for them to rent out their space for a little extra cash. Lucky for people like us, this usually means great prices (sometimes cheaper than a hotel) for the whole house and waterfront access. This would be an affordable way to have a fun weekend the whole friend group can split on!

If you’re looking to invest in a cottage yourself, check out the great real estate market in the Ottawa area (much cheaper than anywhere near Toronto). There are plenty of Ottawa homes for sale that are great on a budget.


7. Camp! Even in Your Own Backyard 

Camping is a great way to have a fun trip, there are campgrounds everywhere, even close to Toronto (you can book online!) A great way to get the equipment and tents you need is on KIJIJI, people often sell whole camping kits. And if you want to camp but don’t want to make the trip, camping in your own backyard (not to mention making s’mores in the microwave) can also be a super fun time too!


8. Day Pass to a Music Festival/ Buy on Facebook Group or KIJIJI 

Music festivals can be very fun but very costly and I’m sure I’m not the only one that is exhausted after 2-3 whole days of attending one. So, buying just a day pass can be great to not only have a good time without getting tired of the whole experience but also to save some money. KIJIJI and Facebook groups also have people selling their passes if they can’t go, for a discounted rate.


9. Road Trip to the States 

Taking a trip to the States can also be a fun way to get away to somewhere new and different without going too far. Some of my favourite destinations are the Jersey Shore, Connecticut, Maine, and Cape Cod.


10. Bus to NYC

If you would like to take a trip to New York City this summer, taking the bus can be the cheapest way to do it. Websites like wanderu and busbud are great to compare prices. Taking an overnight bus there and back can be tiring but it saves a night of stay at a hotel/ Airbnb which is also a great way to save that $$$.

When you get there, Airbnb can be a good way to save some cash. Airbnb a room in an apartment (not the whole place) is helpful to be able to be close to downtown so you can do more without having to spend an hour each way to go all the way to say, Brooklyn. It is also comparable (or even cheaper) than hostels.


11. Riverdale Farm/ Zoos in Your Area 

If you live in Toronto, you may have heard of Riverdale Farm which is free to get in! It is an actual farm complete with pigs and cows just steps from downtown Toronto! It is just off a public park which often has farmer’s markets and craft fairs. Truly a lovely outing for the whole family.

Zoos are also a fun outing. The Toronto Zoo often has online discounts if you do a quick search!

12. Join a Friend or Family Member at Their Cottage 

Many people would love to make it up to their cottage more but don’t because they don’t have people who want to join them. Ask around to your friends and family what summer plans they have and if they mention their cottage, ask if you could come visit them sometime. It’s summer, the more the merrier!


13. Outdoor Pools

Toronto has 58 outdoor public pools and a water park which are very inexpensive and some are even located on right on the beach! Beach volleyball anyone? This can be a great outing to laze by the pool and go for a dip just minutes from your home!


Let me know your best tips for inexpensive summer activities in the comments below!

Happy summering 🙂

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