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Worth the Splurge: My Favourite Mascara in the World

Hi all,

A common question in any YouTube Q&A is if you had to bring one makeup product to a desert island, which would it be? Now this is an innately flawed question because why in the world would you need makeup on a desert island? Do you even have a mirror to apply? Why would you be bothering with makeup when you likely have to struggle to survive? Build shelters? Forage for food?

But regardless, if I had to choose it would be mascara.

This is the first product I bought with my own money when I started dabbling with makeup in 6th grade and it remains my favourite product because I think it makes the biggest difference of any product in my makeup bag.

By now I swear I have tried every mascara under the sun.

What I usually look for in a mascara is that it is:

  • buildable without getting clumpy (for a dramatic look)
  • very black
  • lengthening (to the skyyyy)
  • that it can hold a curl (lashes don’t go straight out, they are curled up toward the eyebrows to look as long as possible)
  • and hopefully with as few mascara crumbs falling on my cheeks throughout the day as possible (the worst)

Most mascaras start out kind of weak, then they are at that perfect stage after being opened and used where they make your lashes look amazing, then it becomes too dried out to make much of a difference.

I had a mascara that I loved from Avon that I got so many compliments on because of the dramatic effect but I swear after only 1-2 weeks of using it, it was dried out. I was so disappointed.


This takes us to the TARTEGifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara (cue the angels sing). I first came across this mascara when I was watching Madelaine Petsch’s 2 Hour Vanity Fair Oscar Party transformation on YouTube. She didn’t mention the product but I was so astounded by how dramatic her lashes were, that I used my best detective skills and hopped right on and looked at the best selling mascaras. There’s no way Cheryl from Riverdale is wearing drugstore mascara to the Vanity Fair Oscar party and the tube looked so unique I knew it was high end

I found it and ordered it immediately. Normally, I try and buy all my makeup from the drugstore. I am always Googling dupes for the most legendary Sephora products because alas, I don’t have the budget to be buying $30 everything every month or two when it runs out so I don’t even allow myself to try any Sephora products basically ever. (I don’t wanna fall down that rabbit hole because I know I’ll never want to come back!)


The mascara came and omigosh, it was heavenly. From the first application, it was a dream. It is insanely black (it only comes in one shade) and buildable in no time so a dramatic look is achieved while leaving me enough time to cook up breakfast in the morning and not be running late due to having to slave for 10 minutes on my lashes. It has very little fall out on my cheeks through the day. The length is spectacle, it holds a curl. Every box is checked.

And best of all, it lasts a longgggg time. I know they say you’re supposed to get rid of your mascaras after 2 months but honestly, I think that’s a crock to make you buy more makeup. I have been wearing makeup for 16 years and sometimes kept mascaras for a year or more and had zero problems. (Take that makeup industry lies!)


This mascara doesn’t dry out to nothing in a second like Covergirl’s always do (the worst mascaras in the world). And don’t leave microscopic crumbs mascara crumbs that smudge a black line across your face should you dare to brush them like my next absolute favourite mascara does (this is my only complaint for this one. It checks all my boxes otherwise, this is a great one if you aren’t looking to drop $30 on Tarte).

This mascara is also supposed to have Amazonian clay in it which is “known for intuitively restoring hydration and the skin’s texture, also works to hydrate and replenish dry and brittle lashes to prevent fallout.” I don’t know that I have noticed too much of a difference here compared to any other mascara, but it makes my lashes look great so maybe?

Anyway, let me know if you have tried this mascara in the comments below and what you think!

Happy primping 🙂



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