Skin Care

Homeopathic Arnica Gel Fixes Acne

Hi all,

I wanted to share a very budget-friendly product I have been using lately that has really helped ward off breakouts even when I admittedly often sleep in a full face of makeup 3-4 nights a week. (Who can be bothered, right?)

If you have been seeing more blemishes than you would like, please read on!


About Arnica

Arnica is a sunflower-family plant commonly used homoeopathically to treat bruising and swelling/ inflammation. Arnica gel is 100% natural and made without parabens, perfumes, menthol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

I bought Arnica for a completely different reason however, one day before doing my makeup before work, I noticed it on my counter and started thinking. What is a blemish really? Is it not basically an infected pore? And infections are known for their swelling/ inflammation properties, so wouldn’t a homeopathic product like Arnica treat that?

I Googled to see if anyone else was using Arnica in this way and I found hardly any articles about this. But I was not discouraged! What’s the worst that could happen? My already-broken-out skin would get a little worse?

I decided it was worth the risk!

How I Use It

I apply Arnica gel morning and night all over my face avoiding my eye area. It is a clear gel that absorbs completely and virtually without a trace like a serum might. I then apply my usual daytime moisturizer and continue with my usual makeup routine.


Results I’ve Seen 

Before using Arnica I had been getting pretty lazy with washing my makeup off a night. We’ve all been there – you get settled in bed with a good book (read: Netflix show I’m re-watching) and your eyes start to feel heavy. It’s all you can do to plug in your phone (so it doesn’t die and result in your alarm not going off before work tomorrow) before you drift off the dreamland. There’s no way in this scenario that I’m getting out of my snug bed and into a full skincare regimen. Let’s be honest – it’s not happening.

I have learned its best to get my skincare out of the way before I even settle into bed – that’s the only way its ever going to get done.

But now with using Arnica after washing my face and before my night cream  as well as in the morning, I have been seeing basically no breakouts. Zero. And for someone who used to have the worst skin of anyone I knew in high school – this is huge. I credit most of my skin clearing up to Clindoxyl but for warding off those extra here-and-there break outs, Arnica has done wonders.

Have you ever used Arnica before? If so tell us your experience in the comments below!

Happy skincare 🙂

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