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How to Maximize Your Travel Budget

Hi all, 

Getting out of the house is on everyone’s mind, now more than ever.  Unfortunately, travel is as expensive as always: which can leave it as an unreachable goal for many.  Instead of losing hope, here are some tips to make trips possible on any budget.


Drive Instead of Flying

Gas prices in America are lower than they have been in almost five years, which makes driving a far cheaper choice.  Although you may lose time on your trip, the money you save will make it worth it.  This option works better for shorter travel, where you can complete your journey in one drive instead of having to divide it into days.  If the trip is long enough that you’ll need to get a hotel room, this isn’t worth it.  If you need to fly, look for travel deals, or aim for discount airlines.  Even if it means you may have to pack less, saving $30 on luggage can mean one more meal out for a couple.


Reconsider Your Lodging

Think about where you’re staying.  If you’re staying in an expensive Wisconsin hotel, you might as well be looking at Milwaukee houses for sale.  Save money by renting an Airbnb, looking online at vacation rentals, or considering staying in a hostel if there are not many people traveling with you.  You can save a lot of money just based on where you sleep.


Look Around For Deals

This option is obvious advice, but don’t settle for the first price you see.  There are billions of coupon codes you can find online, or discounts if you call and ask businesses directly.  You can’t barter every deal, but you can save a lot of money by saving small amounts bit by bit.  Some sites like Groupon offer deals you wouldn’t find elsewhere, but keep in mind that bulk orders may sound cheaper- but if you won’t use all of the order, it’s not worth it.


Use a Travel Planner

There are so many benefits to using a travel planner when booking a trip including flights, hotels/airbnbs, transportation, excursions, restaurants, tours, sports, the list goes on. It’s different than travel agents that book based on commissions. Since travel planners take a daily planning fee, they are working hard to get you the best price while saving you the hours and hours of research that you may not have the time or expertise to put in.


Use a Card With Rewards

Don’t spend your money without getting something back!  There are cards offering everything from miles to make flying cheaper, to cashback you can spend on food and fun.  Using a card to make your money work for you will ensure you’ll save money in the long term as long as you shop smart.


Cook Food Ahead for Travel

This money-saver can only go so far, but eating airport food (or restaurant food in general when you’re on the way to your destination) can be a big drain on funds.  Make yourself sandwiches, wraps, or buns to eat while you travel so that you can eat well when you get where you’re going.  Hold yourself accountable and keep an eye on your budget.


Look For Free Fun

There are tons of vacation spots that have free things to do!  You can run on the beach, enjoy sightseeing, and even many public parks and museums are free.  Sometimes the best vacation is just made so good because of the change in views.


Let me know your best travel budgeting tips in the comments below!

Happy travelling 🙂

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