Guest Post: Henna Trend To Look Out for in 2021

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Check out the following guest post all about Henna trends coming in the new year by the amazing Manasbir K., marketing head of Mihenna LLC:

Henna is obtained from a flowering plant that contains a natural and very effective coloring pigment. Henna has been used for centuries to dye skin, hair, and fingernails – as well as fabrics including silk, wool, and leather. Today people all over the world have adopted the ancient tradition of embellishing their bodies with the beautiful natural artwork created from the henna plant.

Throughout many centuries, people have used henna with different concepts and created new trends in body art. In 2021, we’re looking forward to these henna trends:


Amongst all the other uses of henna, body art and tattoo designs are the most popular and always trending. Even in the old tradition, it is not limited to just palms and back of the hands. Some choose to design way up from feet, ankles, and up the legs to knees, and others also choose to wear it on the belly, back, arm, shoulder or any part of the body where they want to show off a temporary tattoo.

Henna is trending with men as well. Men love to tattoo different body parts with a temporary color that can fade away. The main reason for the henna tattoo trend in men is it’s painless. 

Even people who are undergoing chemo sessions have used henna to decorate their heads. In spite of the pain and fear, henna tattoos help them to show their strength and beauty. Perserving in the face of cancer is always something worth celebrating with meaningful artwork. Henna tattoos are thus loved by all.

Metallic Henna

In recent years, there is another tattoo trend which is creating hype in social media. Metallic tattoos are being adorned by everybody, starting from celebs to everyday people.

Exclusive jewelry designs are articulated in a wondrous fashion on the bodies of people to depict a new way of tattooing yourselves. Gold, silver or any other form of temporary ink is used in a painless way to create beautiful designs that look ready to be photographed anytime and anywhere.

There are various designs in henna tattoos that are, and will form more trends in the coming new year. Some of them are being listed below:

Finger tattoos 

Henna looks striking when applied to the fingers as the color stands out against many skin tones. Popular designs include drops, dots, leaves and the full-color ‘dip-dye’ look. Just like other hand tattoos, henna finger tattoos help accentuate your natural beauty.

Wrist tattoo

Henna looks especially striking when applied to the wrists and hands. From a compact bracelet-style design to plants and flowers, your henna wrist tattoo will stand out. Use henna to replace your bracelets or along with a few thin bangles that won’t hide the art.

Sleeve tattoo

A sleeve tattoo is a single design or a collection of tattoos that stretched from the shoulder to the wrist. The temporary nature of the design allows you to experiment with different designs and decide if the bold, eye-catching look of a sleeve is right for you.

Ankle tattoo

Henna ankle tattoos are often designed to look like anklets and foot jewelry. They have a beautiful feminine look and pair well with heels or sandals. Permanent tattoos can be quite painful on your feet, so henna gives you all the fashion and none of the pain.

Tattoo at Back/Neck

The fashion forwards love to experiment with unique placements like back henna tattoos, shoulder, and even henna on neck. These henna tattoos call for just the right outfit to show them off. Make sure to pair your placements with a neckline that won’t keep them under cover.


There was a time when hiding the freckles with makeup was trendy as the fashion world did not accept it. But Fake freckles are the hottest new trend and are ruling the internet. People are moving toward using henna cones for faking the freckles. It is a new way of using henna and you do not need makeup for it. Using natural/green henna for faking the freckles creates a realistic look and you do not need an appointment from the pro as you can create those at the comfort of your home without any hassle.  Try the henna cones and get amazing results. 


Henna has been used as cosmetic hair dye for 6000 years. Henna dyes the hair in natural tone by strengthening the hair shaft, detoxifying the follicles, and conditioning the scalp. Coloring the hair with henna will trend more by 2021 as henna conditions and repair the hair while giving the hair a natural tone. 

As consumers move toward more natural products with less chemicals that can damage their hair, they will find the answer in henna. The gorgeous color can be achieved without sacrificing your healthy hair. Always shop for organic, low-acidic henna hair dye to maintain the best appearance.


Henna patterns are not only for bodily adornment but are also used by artists to decorate nearly every type of craft nowadays. Crafts decorated and embellished with mehndi designs look very ethnic and catchy as well as gorgeous. 

Other than craft items, you can also decorate wearable items and other accessories with intricate henna designs like clothes, bags and shoes.

There will always be new and innovative ways to use and design henna, but the art form continues to advance without leaving behind its traditional roots. Traditional and current henna trends can both thrive without one overpowering the other. In fact, the new henna craze helps to shed light on the traditional forms as henna art keeps gaining exposure on social media. I look forward to all the new ways we’ll use henna in the future that haven’t even been considered yet.

About author: Manasbir K. She is the marketing head of Mihenna LLC – the home for all your DIY henna supplies. She also loves to travel – exploring new places and meeting new people around the world.

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