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All-Day Flawless Foundation Routine

Hi all, Over my years of experimenting with makeup I have found a number of inexpensive products that can out-perform even some in the high-end category. The following is my current foundation routine which is great if you’re looking for a full-coverage-without-the-mask-effect. It also does well with staying all day even with my oily skin. 1. Start… Continue reading All-Day Flawless Foundation Routine

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Achieve The Perfect Pin Up Cat Eye Look

Hi all, Everyone loves that gorgeous pin up girl look however it seems based on numerous memes, tweets and instagram pics that many people had trouble crafting the perfect cat eye. Which, when done well, looks gorgeous on just about anyone. I have worn liquid eyeliner nearly everyday since grade 9 and would like to share… Continue reading Achieve The Perfect Pin Up Cat Eye Look

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Clear Skin Tips and Tricks

Hi all, It seems to me that everyone at one time or another has had to deal with skin break outs/acne/zits. Here are some of the tips I have found that help and have worked for me: 1. Not drinking milk All milk contains naturally-occurring hormones because it is meant to nourish growing baby cows. Imbalanced/… Continue reading Clear Skin Tips and Tricks

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Beauty Secrets For A Steal!

Hi all, Today I wanted to share some of my own personal beauty secrets and how I achieve them for as little money as possible. Read on to find out how to be a diva on a dime: 1. Loblaws Beauty Blender  I’m sure if you’re as into makeup as me you have heard of the legendary beautyblender.… Continue reading Beauty Secrets For A Steal!

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Top Shelf Mascaras For Bottom Shelf Prices

Hey all, Mascara is probably the one product any makeup girl would take to a desert island. It’s the one product that can transform your look from blah to va-va-voom in a second. But how to get that designer look for a more affordable price? I am here to shed some light on drug store mascaras that can measure… Continue reading Top Shelf Mascaras For Bottom Shelf Prices

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Makeup Without Spending It Up

Hi all, Today I would love to share some make up secrets I have picked up over the years to look your best without spending all you possess. Maybelline Mascara  To start: masacara. A staple in many girls’ makeup routines but with high end brand prices, it can really add up. One of the best mascaras I… Continue reading Makeup Without Spending It Up