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Homeopathic Arnica Gel Fixes Acne

Hi all, I wanted to share a very budget-friendly product I have been using lately that has really helped ward off breakouts even when I admittedly often sleep in a full face of makeup 3-4 nights a week. (Who can be bothered, right?) If you have been seeing more blemishes than you would like, please… Continue reading Homeopathic Arnica Gel Fixes Acne

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Life Changing Whitehead Drying Lotion

Hi all, I have used very few products in my life that I would be willing to describe as “life changing”, however Mario Badescu’s Dry Lotion is 112% one of them. After watching a review by a Youtuber I very much trust, I had to try this product. A product that claims to “shrink whiteheads… Continue reading Life Changing Whitehead Drying Lotion

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I Washed My Face with Coconut Oil For a Week and This is What I Noticed

Hi all, Upon the suggestion of a friend and rave reviews online – even for oily, acne-prone skin, I decided to try washing my face with coconut oil. It is something I already had in my house, I didn’t have to go out and buy a new product, and compared to other skin care products… Continue reading I Washed My Face with Coconut Oil For a Week and This is What I Noticed

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All-Day Flawless Foundation Routine

Hi all, Over my years of experimenting with makeup I have found a number of inexpensive products that can out-perform even some in the high-end category. The following is my current foundation routine which is great if you’re looking for a full-coverage-without-the-mask-effect. It also does well with staying all day even with my oily skin. 1. Start… Continue reading All-Day Flawless Foundation Routine