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Stretch Mark Annihilator – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Hi all, Now let’s get real for a second — who doesn’t have stretch marks? Not even exclusive to women – weight gain/fluctuations, teenage rapid growth, pregnancy; stretch marks do not discriminate. I myself first encountered stretch marks for the first time when I was 13. I went from a B to a D cup… Continue reading Stretch Mark Annihilator – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

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Best Moisturizers – Stay Smooth This Season

Hi all, As the winter is finally growing colder, it is important to keep your skin moisturized in this dry air! Cracked skin is not only uncomfortable but susceptible to infection. Read on to keep smooth and moisturized with some great – and affordable – products. Best Body Moisturizer – St. Ives Mineral Cream  Tried this cream… Continue reading Best Moisturizers – Stay Smooth This Season

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Cheap Yet Super Shower Products

Hi all, I have always noticed there are many a shower products on the market that go for a pretty penny. Yet on a budget, and in this day and age, is there a way to find great products that also go for a great price? Read on to discover some awesome shampoos/ conditioners/ shower hack products… Continue reading Cheap Yet Super Shower Products