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How To Take Your Best Selfie

Hi all, Recently, I have seen a few videos from my favourite YouTubers on taking the best pictures and photo editing. Since most people today will take a selfie at some point for whatever reason and hope that it will turn out without leaning too heavily on filters, I have compiled a few of my tried and true methods for… Continue reading How To Take Your Best Selfie

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Beauty Secrets For A Steal!

Hi all, Today I wanted to share some of my own personal beauty secrets and how I achieve them for as little money as possible. Read on to find out how to be a diva on a dime: 1. Loblaws Beauty Blender  I’m sure if you’re as into makeup as me you have heard of the legendary beautyblender.… Continue reading Beauty Secrets For A Steal!


Cut The Price Of Hair Tools

Hi all, I have recently realized that many of my friends spend an arm and a leg on curlers, straightener and blow dryers. Meanwhile, I’m getting many a compliment using my $10 Conair curler. Read on to discover which cheap hair tools measure up to salon quality. 1. Conair 1′ Inch Curling Iron I literally… Continue reading Cut The Price Of Hair Tools