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Cheap Yet Super Shower Products

Hi all, I have always noticed there are many a shower products on the market that go for a pretty penny. Yet on a budget, and in this day and age, is there a way to find great products that also go for a great price? Read on to discover some awesome shampoos/ conditioners/ shower hack products… Continue reading Cheap Yet Super Shower Products

Blonde Maintenance · Hair

Evolution of Blonde: From Straw to Silk

Greetings and welcome, I’m here to spit the hot fire of truth: blonde dye kills your hair. Whoa, who knew right? Of course blonde isn’t good for your hair. Bleach itself makes your hair more porous and it can become brittle and fragile. So how does one achieve gorgeous sun-kissed hair without straw-ifying it? Have no fear, Blonde On… Continue reading Evolution of Blonde: From Straw to Silk